With a dedicated team of highly experienced people, we try to push the limits of our imagination to get the best problem-solving ideas.

At Transpak, we think that a solution is a mutually agreed-upon answer to a recognized problem. Therefore, our customers and the obstacles in their way to success stand at the core of our focus. With a dedicated team of highly experienced people, we try to push the limits of our imagination to get the best problem-solving ideas.

In the process of bringing the solution to life, we have a team of project managers, engineers and technicians who have years of experience and know-how, especially in food and beverage, as well as other industries. Together with our partners, we deliver a complete technical and commercial solution in the form of turnkey projects for complete end-of-line packaging solutions, filling lines and dry parts of the lines.


Our commitment to continuous development of project management organization and company culture will enable us to meet all customer requirements on time, on specification, and on budget.


Palletisers / Depalletisers

Depalletisers for crates and Palletisers for crates, packs and trays

Sweep-off depalletisers for bottles and cans

Craters / Decraters

Decraters and Craters for bottles and packs

Conveying systems

Conveyor solutions for pallets, packs, trays, crates, kegs and different containers

Robot applications

Various customized robotic solutions for highly flexible lines



Complete solutions in the field of the bottling and packaging production lines


Optimal regulation of your lines and processes via fine-tuned programmes

Installations / Relocations

Installations and relocations of own and 3rd party equipment, line upgrades

After sales

Quality maintenances and overhauls keeping your equipment and processes in maximum efficiency

Spare parts

High quality and availability of spare parts during the equipment lifetime

Safety assesment

Safety assessments for bottling lines


AB-InBev • Adelholzener Mineralquellen • Becks Brauerei • Bonduelle • BKSB
Brouwerij Bosteels • Brasserie de Gayant • Brasserie de Champigneulles • Brouwerij De Proef • Brouwerij Lindemans
Brouwerij Roman • Brouwerij Sint-Bernardus • Brouwerij Huyghe • Brouwerij Van Honsebrouck • Campina • Carlsberg • Coca Cola
Cott Beverages • Danone • Diageo • De Proef Brouwerij • Dr. Gehrig Bunte • Eckes Granini • Erkrather Quellen • Friesland • Freiberger Brauhaus
Gilde Brauerei • Grant’s • GSK • Haaner Felsenquellen • Hasseröder Brauerei • Heineken • Inza • Les Celliers Associés • L’Abeille • Loïc Raison
Katlenburger Kellerei • L’europeenne d’embouteillage • Mautner Markhof • Mohrenbrauerei • Molson Coors • Nestle Waters • NÖM
Nürburg Quelle Ogeu • OI Manufacturing • Orangina Suntury France • Pepsico • Pet Food Austria • Pomona Kellerei
Radeberger Gruppe • Radenska • Refresco • Rhodius • Römerwall Naturbrunnen • Saturn Pet Care • Source Rosport
Ströck-Brot • Tereos • Unilever • Vinaigres Fuchs • Vivaris • William Saurin


bottling line

Capacity: 36.000 BPH

Engineering, project management

Installation of

Bottling line for RGB bottles

Decrater and Crater

Capacity: 60.000 BPH

Decrating and crating of bottles and packs

Automatic head exchange system

Bottle conveyors

Depalletiser and Palletiser

Capacity: 90.000 CPH

Can line sweep-off Depalletiser

Can line double infeed Palletiser

Pallet and pack conveyors

Dry part of KEG line

Capacity: 1.000 KEGs per hour

Complete layer KEG depalletiser and palletiser

Stacker and destacker for pallets with kegs

Industrial robot for palletising rejected kegs

One way bottling line

Capacity: 15.000 BPH

Solution for dry part of the line

Sweep-off depalletiser

Universal Palletiser

Pallet and Pack conveyors

Robot palletiser

Capacity 30.000 BPH

Robot palletiser with shutter head


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